Lance Trout, Property / Project Manager

Lance grew up in deep East Texas, close to Longview.

In high school he took Building Trades 1 and 2 where he learned many aspects of build construction. In 1981, after graduating High School he completed a 4 year apprenticeship program through the Local IBEW and obtained his Journeyman Electrician Certification. Shortly after relocating to the DFW area in 1985 he worked for several years as a Maintenance Supervisor for large apartment complexes.

He worked for Electric Avenue, part of Montgomery Wards for several years where he learned refrigeration and appliance repair.

He has worked with John Davis since April 2001, in many different capacities. His primary role is project management and Quality Assurance, to ensure that things get done the right way and on time. He has many years of experience on everything from building, to managing contractors, to landscaping to maintenance.

He has lived in the Joshua area since 1988, and has a huge contact list of folks that perform just about every service imaginable. One of the great things about Lance is that he has been constantly involved in the community, and makes the effort to get to know folks.

Lance has 25 years of experience as a Fire Fighter and EMT, and served as the Fire Chief for the North Johnson County Volunteer Fire Department for 15 years. 
All in all, Lance is a terrific guy to get to know, and helps the company in too many ways to list.

Lance Trout

Property/Project Manager